Loan Application Procedure With DirectFundToday

A Short Guide for Our Clients

DirectFundToday has developed a joint-effort application procedure and recommends its customers fill in our online application form and get the money after trilateral collaboration.

The Borrowers are assumed to:

  1. Visit our Website, accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Fill out the application form offered by DirectFundToday.
  3. Submit the application and wait for up to 24 hours.

DirectFundToday is supposed to:

  1. Collect the information provided by the Borrowers.
  2. Provide the data to third-party lenders.

Third-Party Lenders are to:

  1. Check the eligibility of the appliers.
  2. Make decisions.
  3. If approved, transfer money directly into the Borrower’s banking account.

DirectFundToday has designed a straightforward application form, the requirements of which are as follows:

  •  The Borrower’s age. Our customers should be at least 18 years old to have the right to request a payday loan.
  •  Home Address. DirectFundToday works only with legal residents of the United States of America.
  •  Email Address. The notifications about the loan procedure are sent through email.
  •  Valid Social Security Number. A legitimate SS number is evidence of being a legal citizen of the US.
  •  Government-Issued ID. Through a legal ID, lenders check the valid identification of the client.
  •  Sources of Income. This is to ensure your ability to pay the debt back.
  •  Active Checking Account. The money is directly deposited into the Borrower’s bank account.

3 Most Common Reasons for Loan Rejections

To avoid loan rejections, DirectFundToday highly recommends its clients scrupulously discuss the following reasons and try to fix them before obtaining a loan.

Incorrect Data in Credit Reports

Errors in credit reports can ruin your credit score and negatively affect your ability to get a loan. Incorrect records can include outdated personal information or a duplicate of the same debt and list it more than once. To dispute such errors, you should send a letter to the credit bureau and report the error. The bureau is to fix the issue within 35 days.

 Large Debt

If the amount of your debt is immense, your loan application might not be successful. Lenders may calculate your debt-to-income ratio while assessing your ability to pay the debt back. So, pay off a large portion of your debts before requesting a loan.

 Instability in Finances

It is essential to have stable financial health while applying for a loan. If you are changing your jobs very frequently and you are unable to prove your steady income, your claim may be declined.